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27/01/2017 · In other words, if you can handle 16 reps of, say, a shoulder press when formerly you could eke out only 12, then congrats—your muscular endurance is on its way up. Sticking with the same amount of resistance and increasing your number of reps is the best way to track that progress. In terms of calories, if you eat 1200 calories of carbs and more sugary things, vs. say 1200 calories of low carb/keto foods, do you feel you lose the same amount of weight? Does the low insulin the rest of the day offset the spike in blood sugar/insulin from ingesting a huge carb-y meal? Could you lose the same amount of weight eating 'junk food' if it was still under your calorie limit as someone who only eats 'healthy' foods? I feel this is a controversial question. 25/03/2010 · Will you lose the same amount of weight in the short period of time if you do the diet without surgery? My question is if i do the "Gastric Bypass" diet, will i lose the same amount of weight in the short period of time? Answer Save. 12 Answers. Relevance. YoMomma. Lv 4. 10 years ago. Thanks for the A2A. Yes. Indoors or outdoors doesn’t matter. If you’re walking on a flat surface, steps are steps. If you’re walking on a flat road outside versus walking up and down steps indoors, the indoor steps actually burn more calories, alt.

08/06/2019 · So I wanna have these cheat days during my diet but wanna know if it would work the same as not cheating. For example if I completed a 8 week diet without cheating and ate how I wanted for a week straight before going back to maintain my weight. Would it be the same if instead Use that week in that same 8 week diet to have 7 cheat. My understanding is you lose the same amount regardless, which to your point is a shame. I believe leavers are punished by losing 50 sr - it would be cool if they would take the punitive amount and distribute it to the remaining team members. Keeps the SR distribution at a net zero, and mitigates some of the loss to the rest of the team.

Do you lose the same amount of gas if you go faster than if you went slower? Answer. Wiki User November 24, 2010 10:20PM. You lose more when you go faster: when you go faster the amount of friction increases and thus the amount of energy you lose increases. Related Questions. 09/12/2011 · If you eat 1500 cals of healthy vs unhealthy food, will you lose the same amount of weight? The obvious answer seems to be no. But what I've heard of calorie restriction makes it seem like you'd lose the same. I usually eat around 1200 calories, but today I was feeling hungry so I ate a whole bunch of "healthy" food. If I lose my glasses once more this week, I am going to glue them to my head. Terry had already lost one family member to the cult. He did not want to lose another. The surveillance team is likely to lose the target when he enters the park. "Here, geezer, if you don't shift those clock radios, I'll lose 300 sovs.".

12/06/2006 · You burn roughly depending on speed 120 calories a mile running and 90 walking. Running would be the faster of the two ways to lose weight, but you would lose it either way in the long run. In response to below answer, not 3500 in one day, you have to burn 3500 more than you take in over any time period.

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