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15/07/2015 · Dr. William Brown, Bay Area, CA Sports Hernia Specialist, Publishing Sports Hernia Newsletter$1.Dr. William Brown is publishing a newsletter to share the latest and most accurate information regarding sports hernias with SH News subscribers. 11/03/2015 · Dr. William Brown, California-Based Sports Hernia Surgeon, Releases Educational Video on Surgical Injury Repair$1.Dr. Brown discusses the complicated nature of sports hernias and the importance of consulting a surgeon experienced in surgically repairing this type of athletic injury in his latest educational video posted on YouTube. 01/05/2012 · I'm looking for people who have gone to this doctor to learn what he does and if he is a good doctor based on patient opinions. I've viewed his website and read the general information he has provided but would like more specific information from those that have seen him or those who have been operated on by him. Th. He'’s a staunch opponent of mesh. And he'’s been focused on inguinal hernias and sport hernia repairs for most of his career with about half of the surgeries he does each year being regular inguinal hernias. I don'’t think you could find a better surgeon to do a non-mesh inguinal hernia repair than Dr Brown.

30/04/2014 · Renowned Sports Hernia Specialist, Dr. William Brown, Expects Affordable Care Act to Benefit Athletes Suffering from Inguinal Disruptions$1.Dr. William Brown, one of the country’s leading inguinal disruption experts, expects the Affordable Care Act to benefit athletes suffering from sports hernias by covering surgical repair, though. Recently, the use of MRI tests has become more common in looking for signs of a sports hernia. Previously, the MRI was primarily used to look for other causes of groin pain, but recent research has found some characteristic findings on an MRI in patients with a sports hernia. John A. Brown, MD is a board certified, fellowship-trained specialist in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and knee, joint preserving techniques and orthopedic trauma. Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, Dr. Brown graduated from James Madison University. He then focused on a career in medicine and excelled; completing. ‘Sports hernia’ is a condition of chronic groin pain in sport which is associated with an incipient direct inguinal hernia. This limits athletic performance and can be a ‘career-ending’ injury.

It is best diagnosed by a specialist familiar with sports hernia who treats athletes with groin pain on a regular basis. Do you have sports hernia? At the bottom of this page, we list sports hernia symptoms. You are welcome to ask questions about sports hernia and receive an answer from an expert sports hernia surgeon, Dr. Jeffery Hoadley. We specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques and treatment for many types of abdominal hernias. Devoted to hernia diagnosis and repair for over 15 years, we have developed expert techniques for repairing hernias. With the experience of over 8,000 surgeries, we at Pacific Coast Hernia Center truly are 'hernia specialists' in every sense.

See why The Vincera Institute is a leading practice for the treatment and recovery of core muscle injuries, often mistakenly referred to as sports hernia or groin injury.

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